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Bar of Soaps

Hello and Welcome Home!

We encourage you to be “kind to your body” and we are here to help. That is the primary reason we developed Natural Scentiments so that you can have a healthier you! We offer a natural alternative!

​The skin is our largest organ and has a big job to do! Many of the manufactured products used today contain harmful chemicals and preservatives, many of which are absorbed into the body through your pores directly into the many layers of delicate tissues below. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the products that you use daily without these harmful chemicals and preservatives? Well, we have them for you!

​All of our products are made the “old fashioned” way, by hand. Hand-mixed poured and wrapped. Guided by our principle of quality before quantity. We take pride in knowing that our products are made in small batches, contain no harmful chemicals or preservatives, and are made with tender loving care when ordered. For example, Natural Scentiments soaps are glycerin rich and made with essential oils and fragrance oils leaving the skin soft and moisturized, a true solution for the skin. In response to your requests, we have blended some new products that we hope you will love. Try our body butter it is truly to live for!

​It is our vision that our products will be in every household across the globe and so we #press forward.

We are confident that you will never be satisfied with manufactured products again.

​Be Kind to Your Body! Just breathe and enjoy!


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